DELL VOSTRO 3520 Review

DELL VOSTRO 3520 Review

The DELL VOSTRO 3520 is not just another laptop; it’s a beacon of functionality tailored for professionals who demand performance and durability. Designed in a sleek Carbon Black finish, this laptop promises a blend of performance and style, suitable for both office and remote work environments.

Processor SpecificationsBrand: Intel, Type: Intel® Core® i5, Generation: 12th Gen, Model: i5-1235U, Speed: up to 4.40GHz, Cores: 10, Cache: 12 MB
MemorySize: 8GB, Type: DDR4, Slots: 2, Bus: 3200Mhz
Graphic Card SpecificationsManufacturer: Intel, Memory: Shared Memory, Model: Intel® UHD Graphic, Type: Integrated Card
StorageSize: 512GB, Technology: SSD
Display SpecificationsSize: 15.6-Inch, Technology: IPS 250nits, Type: Full HD, Resolution: 1920×1080
Inputs & OutputsOptical Drive: None, Ports: 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, 1x USB 2.0 port, 1x headset (headphone and microphone combo), 1x HDMI 1.4 port, 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x RJ45 Ethernet port, Audio: Stereo speakers, 2 W x 2 = 4 W total, Camera: 720p at 30 fps HD camera, Single integrated microphone, Keyboard: Carbon, Arabic, 10 key, Backlight: No
Connectivity SpecificationsCommunications: Intel® Wi-Fi 6 2×2 (Gig+), Bluetooth® wireless card Intel® AX201, 2×2 MIMO, 2400 Mbps, 2.4/5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6 (WiFi 802.11ax), Bluetooth® 5.2 (optional) 802.11ac 1×1 WiFi, Bluetooth® wireless card
FeaturesColor: Carbon Black, Battery: 4-cell, 54 Wh lithium-polymer
Physical SpecificationsWeight: 1.66kg, Dimensions: 16.96mm x 358.50mm x 235.56mm
Operating SystemOS: Free Dos
WarrantyLength: 1-Year

Design and Build

Materials and Finish

Crafted with high-quality plastic, the DELL VOSTRO 3520 features a robust build that stands up to the rigors of daily use. The Carbon Black finish not only adds a professional look but also resists fingerprints and smudges, keeping your device looking pristine.

Portability and Weight

Weighing in at just enough to feel substantial yet easy to carry, this model strikes an ideal balance for those who commute or travel. Its thin profile makes it easy to slide into most bags without the bulk.

Display Quality

Full HD 120Hz Display Features

The 15.6-inch Full HD display delivers vibrant colors and sharper images, thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate which provides a smoother visual experience, particularly beneficial in fast-paced videos or during multitasking.

Comparing Screen Performance

When compared to other laptops in its category, the DELL VOSTRO 3520 offers superior clarity and responsiveness, making it a great choice for both media consumption and complex graphic design tasks.

Processor Performance

Intel Core i5-1235U 12th Gen Capabilities

The Intel Core i5-1235U processor is a powerhouse, offering efficient multitasking and energy management. With 10 cores, it handles intensive applications smoothly, ensuring that your workflows are uninterrupted.

Performance Benchmarks

Benchmark tests indicate that the VOSTRO 3520 outperforms its predecessors and many competitors, especially in multitasking environments and when running demanding software applications.

Memory and Storage

RAM and its Implications for Multitasking

Equipped with 8GB DDR4 RAM, this laptop facilitates seamless multitasking. Open multiple tabs or run several applications simultaneously without a hitch.

Storage Solutions: 512GB SSD

The 512GB SSD provides ample storage while enhancing the laptop’s overall performance. Applications load faster, and data transfer speeds are significantly improved compared to traditional hard drives.

Graphics and Gaming

Integrated UHD Graphics Overview

The integrated UHD graphics are perfect for basic photo editing, video streaming, and handling professional design tasks with efficiency.

Gaming and Professional Use

While not built as a gaming laptop, the VOSTRO 3520 can handle casual gaming with ease. It’s also well-suited for professionals in graphic design and video editing who need a reliable graphic performance.

Connectivity Options

Ports and Wireless Connectivity

This model includes multiple ports such as USB-C, HDMI, and more, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of peripherals and displays. Wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 allows for fast and reliable connections.

Benefits of Connectivity Options

The diverse connectivity options provide the flexibility needed to create an efficient and ergonomic workspace, whether at home or in the office.

Battery Life

Battery Capacity and Performance

Enjoy extended usage with its long-lasting battery, which provides several hours of work or play on a single charge.

Real World Battery Use Scenarios

From business meetings to travel, the battery life of the VOSTRO 3520 supports your day without the constant need for recharging, making it ideal for busy professionals on the move.

Operating System and Software

Pre-installed Software and Features

The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 11, offering a clean, intuitive interface and access to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools.

Compatibility with Other Software

The hardware specifications ensure that this laptop can run a variety of software applications, from business productivity suites to creative design software, without compatibility issues.

Who Should Buy This Laptop?

Ideal User Profiles

The DELL VOSTRO 3520 is tailored for professionals who need a reliable, high-performance machine for business computing, light creative work, and everyday tasks.

Situations and Use Cases for the DELL VOSTRO 3520

Whether you’re a freelancer, a corporate professional, or a student, this laptop adapts to various computing needs and environments, proving its versatility and value.

Price and Value for Money

Pricing Overview

Offering competitive features at a reasonable price point, the VOSTRO 3520 represents a smart investment for those who prioritize performance and durability.

Comparisons with Competitors

In comparison to other laptops in the same category, it stands out with its combination of performance, features, and price, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers.


Unique Selling Propositions

What sets the VOSTRO 3520 apart is its blend of performance features, like the 120Hz Full HD display and the latest 12th Gen Intel processor, all packed into a stylish and durable design.

Customer Support and Warranty Information

DELL offers excellent customer support and a solid warranty policy, ensuring that your investment is protected and your queries are addressed promptly.


  1. What makes the DELL VOSTRO 3520 suitable for professional use? The DELL VOSTRO 3520 is designed with professionals in mind, offering robust performance and reliability. Key features that make it suitable for professional use include its powerful 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1235U processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB SSD, which ensure smooth multitasking and efficient handling of various business applications. Additionally, its durable design and Full HD 120Hz display provide the clarity and resilience needed for long hours of work.
  2. Can I upgrade the RAM or SSD in the future? Yes, the DELL VOSTRO 3520 is designed with upgradability in mind. It typically comes with slots for additional RAM and the capability to swap out the SSD. This means users can easily upgrade the memory and storage to meet their growing needs, extending the laptop’s lifespan and enhancing its performance over time.
  3. How does the DELL VOSTRO 3520 handle graphic-intensive tasks? The DELL VOSTRO 3520 is equipped with integrated UHD graphics, which are suitable for handling everyday graphic tasks such as video streaming, light photo editing, and basic video production. While it may not be suited for high-end gaming or professional-grade design work that requires dedicated graphics, it is capable enough for most professional tasks that involve graphics.
  4. What are the security features of the DELL VOSTRO 3520? The DELL VOSTRO 3520 includes several security features to protect user data and ensure privacy. These may include firmware TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for hardware-based security, a physical webcam shutter for privacy, and optional fingerprint reader integration for biometric security. These features are particularly beneficial for professionals handling sensitive information.
  5. How does the 120Hz display benefit daily usage? A 120Hz display on the DELL VOSTRO 3520 offers smoother motion clarity and reduced screen tearing, which is particularly noticeable when scrolling through documents, web pages, or during presentations. It is also beneficial for video conferencing and watching high-definition videos, providing a more fluid visual experience compared to standard 60Hz displays.
  6. What warranty options are available with the DELL VOSTRO 3520? DELL typically offers a variety of warranty options for the VOSTRO 3520, ranging from standard limited warranties to extended warranty packages that can include services like on-site repair, accidental damage protection, and 24/7 tech support. Users can choose the warranty that best suits their needs, ensuring continued support and maintenance of their device.


The DELL VOSTRO 3520 is an exemplary laptop that meets the demands of modern professionals and tech-savvy users. With its robust build, high-performance specs, and thoughtful features, it stands out as a top choice for those seeking a reliable, feature-rich laptop at a reasonable price.