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VigorLTE 200n is an LTE broadband Wi-Fi router for smart home or small business network of around 30 hosts. The primary WAN interface is the LTE mobile broadband, ideal for sites without fixed lines infrastructure or locations that need temporary Internet access. Alternatively, one of its 2x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports can be switched to WAN interface and get internet access from a fixed-line broadband connection.

VigorLTE 200n has two Ethernet ports and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi for LAN access. The router can handle two concurrent VPN tunnels to link to the main offices or provides remote management access for Network Admins. It also offers the flexibility for network management, including Port Forwarding, SPI Firewall, Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, QoS, and more.

150 Mbps
Maximum LTE Download Speed

N300 Wi-Fi
Built-in 802.11n Wireless LAN

2x VPN
IPsec Throughput up to 50 Mbps

Insert 2x SIM cards for Failover

1-WLAN/WPS Button

2-Reset Button

3-SIM Slot Security Cover

4-2x Standard-Sized SIM Slot

5-LAN/WAN Switchable GbE, RJ-45

6-LAN GbE, RJ-45

7-Power On/Off Switch

8-Power Input

9-LTE Antenna

Key Features

LTE connectivity with SIM
Embedded SIM Slot

Provide 4G/LTE Internet access to where fixed lines are (temporarily) not available without the need for a USB dongle.

VPN router
VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Build a secure and private tunnel from the LAN of VigorLTE 200n to the remote offices and teleworkers over the Internet.

VPN matcher
VPN Matcher

Helps routers behind NAT to find each other and establish a LAN-to-LAN VPN.

speed control
Bandwidth Management

Prevent one device using all the bandwidth by bandwidth limit policy, session limit policy, and QoS settings.

Firewall & Content Filter

Filter web pages by URL keyword or web category to block access to insecure or inappropriate contents.

dynamic DNS service

The free DDNS service for you to access the router by a fixed hostname of your choice.

wireless management
Central AP Management

Use the VigorLTE 200n router as a wireless controller to maintain and monitor the VigorAPs.



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