Creative Sound Blaster G3 USB-C External Gaming USB DAC & AMP

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Product Features 

  • Driverless USB-C Plug and Play with USB Audio – Fully powered via USB-C in a driverless plug-and-play format, the Sound Blaster G3 is a hassle-free instant audio upgrade for your game consoles (PS4 and Switch), as well as PC and Mac computers. Equipped with USB audio, simply connect the G3 to your game console via USB-C (or the provided USB-C-USB-A converter), and nothing else will work take it out of the box. There is absolutely no hassle with additional adjustments or installation to get started
  • Enhanced Communicate with Friends via GameVoice Mix – Get optimal game audio and voice chat levels with our GameVoice Mix. Do you chat with your team while you play? Instead of having the perfect levels through Windows, simply use our GameVoice Mix volume dial to easily increase your voice chat volume during a raid to better hear your team, or decrease chat and amplify your game audio during a particularly climactic scene in your game, all without having to leave your game screen
  • Convenient and Direct Audio Controls – Separate microphone and volume controls are located on the sides of the G3, and can be easily controlled with one hand to achieve the perfect balance for better gaming. When communications are unnecessary, simply mute your microphone directly via the switch on the G3
  • Instant Audio Upgrade for PS4 and Nintendo Switch with Headphone Amplifier – In this day and age, you deserve better audio quality, even on game consoles. The G3 offers high definition audio with capabilities to drive studio grade headphones up to 300 Ω. If all you knew is the default audio on your consoles, the G3 is set up to transform your audio experience.
  • On-the-fly mic monitoring and audio adjustments via mobile app – Get your enemies before they get to you with our Enhancement Step EQ mode. Customize it even more through our Sound Blaster Command app (for iOS and Android) to manage audio settings on the fly without leaving your game or unplugging your G3. By pairing the G3 with your mobile phone, easily adjust the volume and microphone controls, or access the microphone monitoring function so you can control how loud you want to be heard, while listening to yourself.



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