Creative SBS E2800 2.1 High Performance Speakers System – Black

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Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High Performance Speaker System (Black)
Elegant Design, Crystal clear audio output

The Creative SBS E2800 speaker system has been designed to be your one stop solution for all your audio needs. The elegant all-black design of the speaker system makes it aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. Producing a loud and clear audio output, the speaker set comes with multiple connectivity options and features. You can connect the speaker system with your laptop or desktop computers, pair it with your mobile phone or tablet or use it with your television set. The speakers are capable of producing an output of 50 Watts. The audio output is loud and consistent without compromising on the quality, in turn giving you an immersive audio experience.

Wireless remote controlYou will also get a bundled wireless remote control with the speakers that gives you much needed control. You can adjust the frequency of the FM radio, regulate volume, change tracks, adjust equaliser settings, etc. The Creative Speaker System is a well-balanced music system that will add to the ambience of your home and offer a theatre like experience.

High Performance Audio QualityThe Creative Speaker system exudes high performance audio quality with an easy to use mechanism. The stereo system comes with a Wooden Subwoofer cabinet that is capable of generating excellent bass. It also has built-in support for an MP3 player that can play music directly from your USB pen drives and SD cards. The stereo also has an in-built FM receiver so that you can listen to your favourite radio stations with the push of a button. The speaker supports multiple audio formats that gives it a wide operational range. You can also connect the speakers with your television and DVD players with the in-built 3.5 mm jack. There are in-built equaliser settings and several preset modes that can suit different kinds of music types.

Multiple Connectivity OptionsThere are multiple connectivity options with this Creative speaker system. You can connect the speakers with your TV, gaming console, laptops, computers and mobile phones. There is also a dual input connectivity option that enables you to directly connect with your TV and DVD players. The speakers generate stereo 2.1 surround sound experience giving you a consistent and stable audio output.

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Creative SBS E2800

High Performance 2.1 home entertainment system

Elegant and poised to be your all-in-one home entertainment speaker system in your living room, the Creative SBS E2800 is built with multiple connectivity options with rock solid audio performance in mind. The E2800 comes with an abundance of connectivity options and features; it accepts 3.5mm inputs, RCA via cable, SD card, USB thumb drive support, and a built-in FM radio receiver with memory to store your favourite stations. You can easily connect it to the TV, DVD player or even your smartphone for all of your favourite tunes. Be absolutely blown away with its powerful audio performance for your movies, music or gaming!

  • High performance speaker system that produces 50 Watts of raw, rock solid audio power
  • Wooden Subwoofer cabinet for excellent bass reproduction
  • Built in MP3 player that plays music from your USB thumb drives or SD cards
  • FM receiver with automatic tuning that stores your favourite FM radio stations
  • Dual input connectivity options. Accepts RCA^ for your TV and DVD players or 3.5mm stereo for computers
  • Choose between multiple equalizer presets that suit your mood^^
  • Controls your speaker system easily with included wireless remote control

Via RCA to 3.5mm cable

^^USB Thumb drive / SD Card playback mode only


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